Ken Galbraith

Oct 26, 2009 at 4:54 PM


I am an Australian living in Perth, Western Australia. I have been thinking about writing a BlackJack simulator for ten years. I am an experienced BJ player having played in almost all the Casinos in Australia. My record was 3 capital city casinos in 24 hours (Sydney, Melbourne & Perth).

I have also played in Las Vegas (1 week) in 1992. (While not a big player I won $US 400+) which to me at that time was good.

I have a batchelor of science degree & while I believe in luck I have read up on playing BJ and play purely based on statistics. When I stick to my rigid guidelines I have won, however due to greed etc eventually lose because I digress from my formal guidelines.

I am convinced that if a player sticks to the same rigid rules as the dealer them he/she has an equal chance to the casino.

So I have (over the last ten years) thought about a program to simulate (rather than just a game) what happens at a BJ table.

While BJ rules vary quire dramatically between casinos (& even within them at places like LV) the constraints on the dealer are almost constant!. Hence why not play the game the way the house does, after all, doesn't the house always win? even if it's only .5% in their favour (& I'm not sure where that comes from, to me it should be even odds [against 1 player]).

My email address is below & I would like to communicate with other system developers on this subject.



Ken A Galbraith